Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a day

Well today started out pretty good. Took it kinda easy this morning. I had to run an errand for my mom so I did and then went to look at some plants for the garden, plus some bug spray and fertilizer cause I need to feed the gardens. Especially the veggie garden.

So I did that and decided I wanted to stop for a drink. Well I was over on the far side of the mountain (close to my cousins) thought I would stop in at a little strip mall at the convenience store. Well they have been working on this little mall for probably the last 18 to 24 months. In the mall is a convenience store, a pizza place, another store, the pharmacy, and a doctors office. For some reason I decided to go up to the grocery store and get some KD, a pop and some crab meat. As I was about 3ish blocks away from this mall I hear a bang which kinda startled me. I knew I didn't hit anything with the car, there was nothing on the road and my tires are full of the proper amount of air. So I pull in the parking lot check the entire car. Find nothing so I went in the store. I come out travel back down the same road towards the strip mall and see a pile of Emergency vehicles there. I was stopped behind another car that was turning the corner too. I could see the big windows in the convenience store and the glass was gone. Looked almost like an explosion. But I couldn't see with all the EMS equipment there. I go around the corner and see the windows had been blown out and the wall collapsed.

That was when I realized that bang I heard was the explosion and going to the grocery store saved my life. I might not have been killed but could have been seriously injured as I would have either been in the store or just leaving when the explosion occurred. I am not sure what actually happened but I thank my lucky stars I did not stop like I was going to.

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