Saturday, May 24, 2008

My garden is planted

Yeah tonight I finally finished planting my garden. I am so happy. Now I have to clean up a few areas and do some general matinence (dead heading, pulling out a few dead things, etc) then I can mulch the garden. Once that is done then I will start feeding it. Mackenzie and I planted her gardens the other day so they are done now too. They just need to be fed, mulched and thinned as the plants start growing. I just have the vegatable garden left to plant now. I still need to pick up tomatoes and zucchini for that. I am starting to feel better that the major garden projects are getting finished. Mom planted some in her garden tonight. Since I am finished mine I probably will plant hers so she doesn't totally wreck her back.

Today we went to St. Jacobs which is a little town where Mennonites live. We went to the "farmers" market but it is mostly hucksters not very many farmers anymore. We were able to get fresh asparagus tips (yum) which is great and we got some fresh pure Maple Syrup. The market was such a disapointment cuase it used to be really good. We stopped at a little Mennonite backery on the way up. They have execellent bread and pies and such.

Today was not a bad day.

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