Monday, January 14, 2008

Well tomorrow is the big day

Well tomorrow is finally here. I am really not looking forward to going but I know it has to be done. I can't continue like this much longer tho the last few weeks haven't been too bad. I have been working on different things to tryand build some stock. I did finish a beaded snowman, almost have a towel done and am working on another snowman. Then second one is on plastic so my finger get sore fast trying to puch the needle through all the time. I only have the outlining to do on him now. I will have to post pics when I am home from the hospital which should be Thursday. Probably will update my pics over the weekend.

Well I downloaded 2 movies on my MP3 player. One I have seen and one I haven't so that should kill about 3 hours. Plus I have about 45 songs downloaded. I also have an FM radio so I get to listen to my radio station.

I have my Halloween Gameboard to take with me which I hope to make quite a large dent in finishing. I have almost half done now. I am also taking my Sparks Manual to see what these kids have done and what badges they can get. Some of them are really keen on earning badges so I am all for it but the other two leaders hate the fact that the program has badges. They would rather run it like a daycare. Anyway enough about that topic.


Anonymous said...

Wow you really did work on your gameboard! It looks wonderful, I'll have to hustle to catch up with you. I've been thinking about you, hugs for tomorrow. Love ya, Sandy P.

Dawn B. said...

This is looking great and I'm glad you are stitching it also. Seeing as you are a head of me I get to see what it should look like. Thanks