Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well the big day will be here in less than 3 hours. Doesn't really seem like Christmas. Don't know why. Mom and I made the french toast for breakfast tomorrow. Now all we have to do is make dinner. Been busy stitching on my Halloween game board lately have a good chunk done. I think it will take me at least till the end of January to finish it. That is ok I have the main pieces done for now anyway. Just have to put the name and date in the birth announcement but still have to wait for that information now.

Oh funny story here. Sitting a few days ago with Mackenzie she was watching tv and I was sewing. So she decides she is going to help me sew and turns the tv off and sits beside me (well on top of me actually) and the conversation goes like this.

Mac: Auntie Kathy
Kathy: yes Mackenzie
Mac: can I have a treat
Kathy: yes what would you like?
Mac: can I have a gingerbread cookie
Kathy: yes

Kathy: have you brushed your teeth today?
Mack: no
Kathy: well when you are done you should brush you teeth to get the extra sugar off them
Mac: ok I don't want to get any more cavities
Kathy: right
Mac: yeah like 84 cavities
Kathy: wow that is an awful lot of cavities
Mac: yeah that would be one in every tooth I have
Kathy: I don't think you have 84 teeth
Mac: How many teeth do you have Auntie Kathy
Kathy: I am not sure but I don't think it is 84
Mac: Auntie Kathy
Kathy: yes
Mac: do you believe in Jesus?
Kathy: yes
Mac: well if you believe in Jesus then you believe I have 84 teeth.

Off on to the next topic we went. How do you respond to something like that?

Well off to bed now.

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